The Kansas Hunger Dialogue is a collection of private and public universities, colleges, and community colleges in Kansas (and other states are welcome!) that convene annually to have a conversation that matters about hunger.  Administrators, faculty, and students gather to learn, share best practices, showcase the work they are doing, and strategize to create a movement on campuses around Kansas that creates awareness, action, and advocacy around the issue of hunger and food security.

The Kansas Hunger Dialogue is in it’s 5th year and will meet at Kansas Newman University this year to be as centrally located in the state as possible.  The dates are March 2 & 3, 2015.

Our theme this year is, Agriculture: Reimagining the Farmer.  Experts agree that our global agricultural production has to increase by 75% in the next 35 years to feed the estimated population of 9 billion by 2050. The need for reimagining the farmer includes topics such urban agricultural, women in agriculture, school gardening, and a host of other related topics that discuss the value chain of getting food from the Farm to the Table!

For more information, check out the other links on our webpage or email us:  kccc@ksu.edu

Or, you can call:

Lynda Bachelor:  785-410-4599

Rick McNary: 316-734-6845





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